BAC Microarray Service


BAC Microarray Service

Bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) are DNA constructs used for transforming and cloning in bacteria based on a functional fertility plasmid. BAC technologies are widely used in quantitative analysis, genomic DNA copy number analysis, physical maps constructing, and sequencing the genome of various organisms. In a BAC microarray (also known as BAC clone chip), probes are PCR amplified templates that are genome regions incorporated into a comprehensive BAC clone. BACs can clone a gene of 100-300 kb long, varied in size from 2400 to 30000 unique array elements. BAC arrays are outstandingly sensitive and precise, they can make a call on a single arrayed element. Thus, although BAC arrays have relatively few printed elements on the arrays, their spatial resolution is relatively high, but finite with large sequence variations compared with oligonucleotides, due to the length of BAC microarrays.

Creative Proteomics, as an advanced biotechnology company specialized in multi-omics analysis, provides top-ranking one-stop BAC microarray service. We will assist you with processes from the very first array and probe preparation to conducting meticulous testing, and finally delivering elaborate analysis report:

  • BAC clones selection from genome map;
  • Array DNA sample extraction and confirmation;
  • Array spotting;
  • Reference DNA and test DNA labeling, combining, and hybridizing;
  • Hybridized slide Image scanning;
  • Multiple software analysis.
The workflow of BAC array CGH

Figure 1. The workflow of BAC array CGH (Gambardella 2010)

We are able to provide high-quality BAC array construction and downstream services for your gut microbiota and related projects:

  • Genome-wide profiling
  • Detection of genomic imbalance
  • Segmental and sequence variations fine mapping


  • Large clone size
  • Whole-genome coverage
  • Rapid identification of target genes
  • Capable of single-assay detection for genomic imbalance
  • Sensitivity, precision, and relatively high resolution

We dedicate to providing the highest level of service in gut microbiota research for fair and competitive prices. We provide support for both preliminary and advanced data analysis. Our customized service will guarantee that we deliver high-quality data and reports to you, and even provide more creative ideas for your research. To find more about BAC microarray for your gut microbiota research, please feel free to contact us. We will arrange experienced scientists to provide you with professional advice and optional services according to your project.


1 Gambardella S; et al. Design, Construction and Validation of Targeted BAC Array-Based CGH Test for Detecting the Most Commons Chromosomal Abnormalities. Genomics Insights. 2010, 3: 9-21.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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