cDNA Microarray Service


cDNA Microarray Service

Microarrays present an attractive strategy to high-throughput interrogation of gastrointestinal microbial communities, focusing on the detection of specific sequences in complex samples and on genomic comparisons. A cDNA microarray is a high-throughput tool for the detection and discovery of gene expression, which allows for large-scale analysis of RNAs transcribed from both known and unknown genes. cDNA clones are much longer than oligonucleotides, which means that a successful hybridization basically indicates a genetic match. This allows for quick identification of the expression levels of genes, and cDNA microarray has hence been broadly applied for the analysis of gene expression and has been an important technology for studies directed towards an enhanced understanding of intestinal health.

There are numerable advantages of cDNA microarray technology. The main one is the comprehensive data it can produce on a transcriptional response of genome-scale in gut microbiota, which allows the researchers to monitor metabolism and to define stimulons and regulons. On top of that, researchers can customize the array and it has the ability to directly compare the transcript expression of separate samples. It is widely applied in studies for the cost-effectiveness and the saving in labor.

Creative Proteomics assists researchers in developing customized cDNA microarrays targeted at intestinal microbe genes of interest, the basic procedure of cDNA microarray falls into steps as follows: first generate different cDNA oligonucleotides (probes) that are attached onto a solid substrate – the microarray chip, typically glass with desired characteristics; then RNA sample can be added to the chip, which leads to the binding of RNAs to the complementary cDNA probe, where fluorescent signals can be quantified; last but not least, our experienced scientists will present you with elaborated data analysis reports as customized.

Workflow summary of cDNA microarrays

Figure 1. Workflow summary of cDNA microarrays (Miller 2009)

We dedicate to providing the highest level of service in gut microbiota research. And our customized service will guarantee that we deliver high-quality data and reports to you, and even provide more creative ideas for your research. To find more about cDNA microarray for your gut microbiota research, please feel free to contact us. We will arrange experienced scientists to provide you with professional advice and optional services according to your project.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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