circRNA Profiling Service


circRNA Profiling Service

It is well demonstrated that the gut microbiota metabolites could modulate the host physiology in multiple ways. Monitoring the gut microbiota along with the effect on pathology, metabolism, transcription and brain circRNAs, etc. has led to significant breakthroughs and is about to bring a new approach to therapeutic solutions. In the most recent years, the significant advances of technologies and scientific achievements have thrown light upon not only the fundamental life science issues related to circular RNAs (circRNAs), but also the mechanisms of potential roles in normal cellular homeostasis, development, and disease. Studies have shown that some circRNAs are proteins coding sequences, and some have potential as gene regulators, while the biological functions of most circular RNAs are waiting to be unveiled.

Studies have shown that circRNAs are more enriched in neuronal tissues and are positioned to respond to and regulate neurological function. And a recent study demonstrated that circRNAs were degraded by RNase L when induced by poly(I:C) or infected by virus, which leads to the conclusion that gut microbiota is well likely to influence the expression of host circRNAs and plays an important role in the gut-brain axis.

Creative Proteomics provides genome-wide circRNA sequencing and circRNA microarray, which are the most commonly used and powerful technologies for the detection of circRNA, to add value to your study into gut microbiota and host interactions.

circRNA Sequencing

circRNA Profiling Service

Our circRNA sequencing platform allows profiling of circRNAs across a wide dynamic range, identifying both known and novel circRNAs, as well as exploring novel biomarkers and circRNAs regulatory networks. The general workflow for circRNA sequencing including total RNA extraction and linear RNA digestion, circRNA sequencing library construction, sequencing and data analysis. With accurate and reliable circRNA expression profiling and in-depth data analysis, our circRNA sequencing service would assist you to excavate more abundant information from your research.

circRNA microarray

circRNA Profiling Service

In circRNA sequencing, the detection efficiency might be limited due to the low abundance expression level of circRNAs, while high-throughput microarray would act as a more sensitive, efficient and cost-effective technology for circRNA research. We provide circular junction-specific probes designing, linear RNA removal and efficient circRNA labeling and detailed annotation to ensure the most specific, accurate and reliable profiling.

To find out more about our circRNA sequencing and microarray services to meet your specific needs, please contact us.


1. Chen, D.L; et al. High Sugar & Fat Diet Influences the Brain circRNA Profiles in Murine by Regulating the Gut-Brain Axis. EBioMedicine. 2019.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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