DNA and Gene Synthesis Service


DNA and Gene Synthesis Service

DNA and Gene Synthesis Services

Creative Proteomics is a preeminent corporation that specializes in multi-omics. Equipped with state-of-the-art techniques and served by well-experienced scientists, Creative Proteomics provides one-stop services for your gut microbiota research. Thus, in addition to multi-omics analysis services, we also offer you comprehensive and practical tools to facilitate your research.
The great advance in technologies and the significant drop in cost of gene synthesis in recent years allow for intensive and affordable DNA synthesis services to assist molecular biology research. Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive and reliable DNA and gene synthesis services including oligonucleotide synthesis, custom DNA synthesis, and synthetic DNA library construction.

Oligonucleotide synthesis services

Oligonucleotide synthesis is the chemical synthesis of relatively short fragments of nucleic acids with defined sequences. Synthetic oligonucleotides are most commonly used as antisense oligonucleotides, small interfering RNA, primers for DNA sequencing and amplification, probes for detecting complementary DNA or RNA via molecular hybridization, tools for the targeted introduction of mutations and restriction sites, and for the synthesis of artificial genes. We provide a rapid and affordable access to custom-made oligonucleotides of the desired sequence to meet your variety of needs in molecular biology.

Custom gene synthesis services

Gene synthesis is a technology that is used to create artificial genes based on solid-phase DNA synthesis. We provide gene synthesis service accommodated to various projects from single gene synthesis to whole-genome synthesis, enabling versatile solutions for molecular cloning, protein or metabolic engineering, therapeutics research, etc. With state-of-the-art platforms, complete synthetic genes will be ready after a solid sequence verification to guarantee 100% sequence fidelity. Our fast and precise synthesis will add value to your research.

DNA library construction services

DNA library is the collection of DNA fragments of interest preserved as inserts to a plasmid or the genome of a bacteriophage through the process of molecular cloning. We provide comprehensive DNA library construction services covering an extensive range, including cDNA libraries genomic libraries, randomized mutant libraries, and gene variant libraries. We offer to synthesize DNA libraries as you designed, or our bioinformatics experts can also assist you with DNA library design. With cutting edge technologies, we offer high quality DNA libraries of any size and complexity to boost your research.

Creative Proteomics is one of the most trusted companies in the field, we strive to provide the best strategies for your gut microbiota and related studies, and we will offer the most suitable strategies according to your sample and research purpose. To find out more about our DNA and gene synthesis services or to get price inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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