Gut Microbiota and Autoimmune Disorders


Gut Microbiota and Autoimmune Disorders

The gastrointestinal tract is colonized by millions of microorganisms that form a unique ecosystem known as microbiota that contributes to balancing the immune system to regulate and maintain host homeostasis. Gut microbiota dysbiosis plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases, which are characterized by genetic and/or environmental factors induced aberrant production of autoantibodies. Gut microbiota dysbiosis induced autoimmune diseases may associate with various reasons such as dietary changes, the widespread application of antibiotics, and proteins produced by gut microbiota. As an emerging research area, the mechanisms that gut microbiota plays in the pathogenesis of intestinal and non-intestinal autoimmune diseases and corresponding treatment methods are waiting to be studied and elucidated.

Microbiota and pathogen control mechanisms of the gut immune system - Gut Microbiota and Autoimmune Disorders

Figure 1. Microbiota and pathogen control mechanisms of the gut immune system. (Opazo 2018)

Research into the link between microbiota and autoimmune diseases is of great importance, which could throw light upon the pathogenesis of intestinal symptoms such as Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), as well as non-intestinal symptoms such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, type-1 diabetes, and so on. Various factors will affect the composition of the gut microbiota, including but not limited to diet, sex, age, and geographical location. And on the other hand, patients with autoimmune diseases might also own distinct gut microbiota from healthy individuals. There is still a lot of work remaining to be done in order to fully understand the complex mechanisms that gut microbiota affects the immune system.

Creative Proteomics is a preeminent corporation that specializes in multi-omics. Equipped with cutting-edge techniques and served by well-experienced scientists, we have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of difficulties you may have encountered. In order to boost your research progress, we provide abundant research solutions for all kinds of gut microbiota related autoimmune disorders include:

◆ Allergic conditions
◆ Anti-phospholipid syndrome (APS)
◆ Arthritis
◆ Atopic dermatitis(AD)
◆ Autoimmune Addison's disease
◆ Autoimmune hepatitis
◆ Crohn's disease
◆ Grave's diseases
◆ Hashimoto's thyroiditis
◆ Inflammatory bowel disease
◆ Multiple sclerosis

◆ Periodontal diseases
◆ Pneumonia
◆ Primary biliary cholangitis
◆ Psoriasis
◆ Rheumatoid arthritis
◆ Sjögren's syndrome
◆ Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
◆ Systemic sclerosis
◆ Type-1 diabetes
◆ Ulcerative colitis
◆ Other autoimmune disorders

Gut microbiota offers a valuable direction for both basic scientific research of autoimmune disorders. With regard to every autoimmune disorder study, we present rigorous and comprehensive schemes based on multi-omics technologies and powerful bioinformatics platforms, to conduct novel perceptions such as gut microbiota dynamic composition, comparison of gut microbiota among different individuals, essential metabolites identification, the links between microbiota dysbiosis and autoimmune mechanisms, the relationship between the progress of disease and microbial metabolites, developing potential therapeutic methods schemes such as probiotics, prebiotics, and fecal transplantation, etc. We would be more than happy to assist in your studies that can better understand many of these autoimmune diseases and promote the health and wellbeing of a large number of individuals.

We dedicate to providing the highest level of solutions in gut microbiota research. We will offer the most suitable strategies according to your sample and research purpose. Our specialty covers the full range of multi-omics including metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, metaproteomics, and metabolomics, coupled with powerful bioinformatics platforms, and other practical tools and resources, we provide the most comprehensive gut microbiota research solutions you will ever get. To find out more solutions for gut microbiota and autoimmune disorders, please feel free to contact us.


1. Opazo MC; et al. Intestinal Microbiota Influences Non-intestinal Related Autoimmune Diseases. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2018, 9(432).

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