Gut Microbiota and Diseases


Gut Microbiota and Diseases

The gastrointestinal tract is host to an abundant and diverse population of microbes including bacteria, viruses and microbial eukaryotes, which is essential in regulating and maintaining host homeostasis including metabolism and immune function. In the past decade, research on the gut microbiota has progressed by leaps and bounds, especially the interaction between the gut microbiota and the host, which affects the physiological functions of the gut-visceral-organ axis in both directions. Among them, the composition and metabolism of the microbiota play a key role, and it clarifies the research on how the intestinal microbiota is related to health status, and the mechanism research on how a strong microbiota maintains homeostasis.

The commensal microbes that relate to some common diseases.

Figure 1. The commensal microbes that relate to some common diseases. (Ding 2018)

Creative Proteomics is a preeminent corporation that specializes in multi-omics. Equipped with cutting-edge techniques and served by well-experienced scientists, we have extensive experience to assist you in discovering the correlation between gut microbiota and various diseases, the intrinsic mechanisms, developing promising ideas into diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines. Gut microbiota dysbiosis can virtually impact virtually all systems in the body and lead to both acute and chronic diseases. We provide abundant research solutions for various microbiota related cancer models in both model animals and human utilizing multi-omics technologies, these diseases generally include the following categories:

Creative Proteomics dedicates to providing the highest level of solutions in gut microbiota research. We will offer the most suitable strategies according to your sample and research purpose. Our specialty covers the full range of multi-omics including metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, metaproteomics, and metabolomics. We provide comprehensive gut microbiota research solutions – composition profiling that detects microbiota status among different individuals and throughout the course of a disease; proteins and metabolites identification, the indicators of gut microbiota and host activities, which is essential for pathway uncovering and pathogenesis research; developing potential therapeutic approaches for specific disease according to its features; and so on.

We will provide the most comprehensive gut microbiota research solutions you will ever get. And we would be more than happy to assist your research into gut microbiota related diseases and promote the health and wellbeing of a large number of individuals. To find out more solutions for gut microbiota and diseases, please feel free to contact us.


1. Ding RX; et al. Revisit gut microbiota and its impact on human health and disease. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis. 2019, 27(3):623-31.

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