lncRNA Profiling Service


lncRNA Profiling Service

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA) are a group of transcripts with lengths longer than 200 nucleotides that are not translated into protein. lncRNAs are increasingly recognized as regulators of transcriptional and translational processes, which may participate in essential biological processes, such as genomic imprinting, maintenance of pluripotency, immune response and development, etc. While dysregulation of lncRNA expression is linked to the development of various diseases. The role that lncRNAs play in host-microbiota interactions is under intensive investigation, researchers are actively trying to figure out whether and to what extent lncRNAs may be regulated by gut microbiota, as well as if and how lncRNA expression profiles may reflect certain features of microbes in the gut, and some of them had made some remarkable progress such as establishing the link between the expression of lncRNAs and gut microbiota and demonstrating that lncRNA expression profiles can be used to discriminate the types of microbes in the gut. With discoveries at hand yet still lack extensive research, making it a promising aspect worth putting more effort into studying.

lncRNA Profiling Service

Figure 1. Classification of lncRNA functions (Salehi 2017)

Creative Proteomics provides transcriptome-wide lncRNA sequencing and lncRNA microarray, which are the most commonly used and powerful technologies for the profiling of lncRNA, to add value to your study into the link between gut microbiota and lncRNAs expression.

lncRNA Sequencing

lncRNA Profiling Service

Our lncRNA sequencing platform allows quick and accurate profiling of lncRNAs across a wide dynamic range, identifying both known and novel lncRNAs, as well as exploring novel biomarkers and lncRNAs regulatory networks. The general workflow for lncRNA sequencing including total RNA extraction and linear RNA digestion, lncRNA sequencing library construction, sequencing and data analysis. With accurate and reliable lncRNA expression profiling and in-depth data analysis, our lncRNA sequencing service would assist you to excavate abundant information from your research.

Analysis pipeline:

lncRNA Profiling Service

lncRNA microarray

lncRNA Profiling Service

In lncRNA sequencing, the detection efficiency might be limited due to the low abundance expression level of lncRNAs, while high-throughput microarray would act as a more sensitive, efficient and cost-effective technology for lncRNA research. We provide circular junction-specific probes designing, linear RNA removal and efficient lncRNA labeling and detailed annotation to ensure the most specific, accurate and reliable profiling.

We dedicate to providing the top-notch services related to gut microbiota research. The custom service that we provide will guarantee the high quality of your results, and we will arrange experienced scientists to provide you with professional advice of lncRNA research and optional services according to your project. To find out more about our lncRNA profiling service for your gut microbiota project, please feel free to contact us.


1. Salehi S; et al. State of The Art Technologies Used to Explore Long Non-coding RNAs in Cancer Disease. Cellular and Molecular of Medicine. 2017, 21.

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