Long-Read Sequencing


Long-Read Sequencing

Long-Read Sequencing

The advent of next-generation sequencing has transformed the field of molecular biology, and high throughput sequencing platforms are routinely used in phylogenomic and metagenomic studies. Though the sequencing while synthesizing a large number of amplified identical DNA strands mechanism of next-generation sequencing limits the read-length of the procedure to ensure accuracy and fidelity. Thus, long DNA molecules must be broken up into small segments, which could be a major limitation to eukaryote DNA sequencing for eukaryotic genomes contain many repetitive regions. By sequencing of single molecules directly, long-read sequencing technologies have the capability to sequence much longer reads than next-generation sequencing, creating a renaissance in high-quality genome sequencing, allowing for unbiased, more specific identification and even greater taxonomic resolution than second-generation sequencing methodologies for gut microbiota studies.

Creative Proteomics provides state-of-the-art experimental procedures and algorithmic strategies of Song-read Sequencing to support your research into gut microbiota.

Long-Read Sequencing

General features of our long-read sequencing service:

  • Hitherto unprecedented long reads: In comparison to next-generation sequencing technologies, long-read sequencing makes it possible for much longer reads of over 10 Kbp.
  • Target at single molecules: Sequencing results are unbiased due to a lack of target amplification, which is particularly suitable for the detection of copy number variation and sequencing DNA or genomes with extreme GC content. And molecules of degradation or modification can also be directly used as sequencing templates.
  • Direct RNA sequencing: Reverse transcription from RNA to cDNA is not necessary for long-read sequencing. RNA molecules can be sequenced directly to save time and cost vastly.
  • Accuracy: Approaches of deep sequencing and computational methods have been taken to alleviate and overcome the issue of Initial high sequence error rates. e.g. Q50 (99.999% accuracy) can be reached whereby 30× sequencing.

Our long-read sequencing services can be widely applied in metagenomic sequencing, genome resequencing, genome de novo sequencing, transcriptome studies, methylation detection, epigenomics studies, detection of disease-related variations, viral analysis, etc. We also offer services of an alliance of long-read sequencing and next-generation sequencing to acquire even more precise results. Customized service will guarantee the high quality of your subject and provide more sparkling ideas for your research, so feel free to contact us to find out more about suitable schemes for your research.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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