RIP- Seq/Chip Service


RIP- Seq/Chip Service

RIP-Seq/Chip is short for RNA immunoprecipitation and sequencing or chip. RIP is a practical technique frequently used to recover RNAs from RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), a common form which RNAs exist in living cells, this process involves immunoprecipitation with antibodies or tagged proteins for the protein of interest and then isolation of the RNAs associated with the protein, and the information of the detached RNA can be obtained in the subsequent sequencing step. RIP-seq can be used for finding certain RNAs interact with a particular RNA-binding protein and is an efficient tool for understanding the dynamic process of post-transcriptional regulatory networks as well as a powerful tool for the identification of bacterial non-coding RNAs.

Creative Proteomics provides one-stop service of RIP-seq/chip to help you elucidate survival mechanisms of gut microbiota and unveil functions of non-coding RNAs in particular.

RIP- Seq/Chip Service

The RIP-Seq/Chip service that we provide has the merits of high-throughput and high-resolution, which is capable of identifying multiple RNAs of interest simultaneously. Both raw materials and preprocessed RNA samples are accepted. We have a rich antibody pool for the isolation of target RNAs to meet your specific needs. After RNase digestion, the specific binding sites within the RNA will be elucidated. This is followed by the purification of RNA-protein complexes using electrophoresis. RNAs protected by protein binding are extracted and reverse-transcribed to cDNA. Finally, multiple techniques are available for the detection, including next-generation sequencing (NGS), qPCR and microarray, followed by deep analysis of the information with powerful bioinformatics tools by our talented experts, enables rapid profiling and deep insight into the target RNAs.

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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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