SNP Microarray Service


SNP Microarray Service

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (abbreviated as SNPs) are the most frequent and slightest of variations in the genome, and SNP microarray is the powerful tool by which to study these variations. SNP microarray is a type of high-density DNA microarray containing up to millions of probes, which is used to detect thousands of SNPs within target genomes in a single reaction. SNP-based genetic linkage analysis can be used to map loci of interest. The combination of SNP maps and high-density SNP arrays allows SNPs to be used as markers for deeper genetic analysis, such as SNPs associated with diseases in genome-wide association studies, or host genetic variants associated with microbiome diversity whereby testing both SNP-microbiome and SNP-environment interactions.

The basic principles of SNP microarray are the same as the DNA microarray – DNA hybridization, fluorescence microscopy, and solid surface DNA capture. In a customized SNP microarray, Genomic DNA covering the SNPs of interest is amplified in a multiplex PCR amplification. And in each well, the individual samples can be applied and each sample's composition of SNPs can be determined. Alternatively, pooled DNA from many samples can be used in the PCR amplification and thereby the frequency of different SNPs can be determined.

The workflow of SNP microarrays

Figure 1. The workflow of SNP microarrays (Mishra 2017)

Creative Proteomics provides services of SNP microarray that covers the whole genome, as well as custom SNP microarrays that are designed to determine the frequency of specific SNPs or sets of SNPs of interest in specific genes. We dedicate to providing the highest level of service in gut microbiota research. We provide support for both preliminary and advanced data analysis. Our customized service guarantee that we deliver high-quality data and reports to you, and even provide more creative ideas for your research. To find more about SNP microarray for your gut microbiota research, please feel free to contact us. We will arrange experienced scientists to provide you with professional advice and optional services according to your project.


1 Mishra S.; et al. Application of advanced molecular marker technique for improvement of animal: A critical review. Journal of Entomology And Zoology Studies. 2017, 5:1283-95.

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