Whole-Genome de novo Sequencing Service


Whole-Genome de novo Sequencing Service

The human gastrointestinal tract harbors a diverse and dynamic microbial community that is dominated by bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi and other eukaryotes. which directly or indirectly impacts human physiological activity and health. Genome sequencing is one of the most powerful tools for accessing the genetic and metabolic diversity in intestinal organisms. And whole-genome de novo sequencing refers to the reconstruction of contiguous sequences where there is no reference sequence available for alignment, thus, provides the novel genomic information of gut microbes and a comprehensive view of the entire genome to conduct research into the genetic structure and functions, the evolutionary origin of microbial populations, and the potential of triggering disease or disease treatment. In the absence of reference genomes, state-of-the-art analysis of whole-genome sequencing is dependent on advanced next-generation sequencing and de novo assembly of raw reads by powerful computer algorithms, de novo sequencing is generally practiced under the basic principle of DNA randomly shearing and de novo assembly – contig binning to generate assembled genome sequences, the size and continuity of contigs determine the coverage quality of de novo sequence data.

Creative Proteomics has contributed to many important publications on novel genome sequences. We utilize state-of-the-art platforms for whole-genome de novo sequencing, multiple software for assembly and analysis, and abundant database for comparison and annotation, so we can provide you with the high level of expertise required for your specific project in a comprehensive manner. We are fully qualified to provide multiple de novo sequencing and related services including but not limit to genome survey and genome mapping, which promote the follow-up study of target species. The workflow generally falls into the following steps:

Whole-Genome de novo Sequencing Service

We offer diversified data analysis as follows:

  • Sequencing data QC analysis
  • Gene structure prediction and functional annotation
  • Protein domain annotation
  • Gene family analysis
  • Repetitive sequence annotation
  • Large segment replication analysis
  • ncRNA annotation
  • Pathway mapping
  • Gene ontology (GO) annotation
  • Specific sequences and specific functional proteins prediction
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Other custom analysis

We strive for the best customer experience and provide services at fast turnaround, high-quality data, and affordable prices. Our custom analysis not only guarantees the high quality of sequencing results but also can provide more sparkling ideas for your research. To find more about whole-genome de novo sequencing for your gut microbiota research, please feel free to contact us.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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